Welcome to Mid-Missouri Better Business Blog!

Better Business BureauWelcome to Mid-Missouri Better Business Blog, the official online voice of Mid-Missouri Better Business Bureau. This is our first post, and we are excited to provide a new line of communications as we further the conversation about trust, integrity, and excellence in business.

Each week or so, we will share information about Better Business Bureau activities in Mid-Missouri, tips for consumers, scams to watch out for, and pretty much anything else we can think of to improve the lives of our readers and contribute to a business community with a foundation in trust.

I will be writing most of the content for our blog – Sean Spence, regional director for Mid-Missouri Better Business Bureau. As a long-time entrepreneur and advocate for various causes, I support Mid-Missouri Better Business Bureau because of my love for the business community (yeah, yeah, I suppose that sounds a little corny – but it is absolutely true).

Business works best when it has a foundation in trust – when business and consumers trust each other – and that is pretty much what Better Business Bureau is all about. The organization has its origins in the early 1900’s, when the practice of modern advertising was on the rise and, unfortunately, the practice of deception in advertising was rising right along with it.

The organizations that led to what we now call Better Business Bureau were created by the business community in an effort to set standards for truth in advertising. Isn’t that cool? The business community did not want government or anyone else telling them how they should behave and communicate; they wanted to regulate themselves, and they created Better Business Bureau as a mechanism for doing that.

As a long-time member of the business community – mostly right here in Mid-Missouri – I love that idea of us setting our own standards, of us coming together to build a more trusting world. That is why I am with Better Business Bureau, and why I look forward to sharing it with you and our community.


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